We had to add it to the tab

I got quite into Wednesday last year. Rat Saw God is one of my favourite albums of 2023. It’s a fantastic mix of indie-rock, noise-rock, country and shoegaze. The shoegaze revival is real.


They’ve been posting little monthly video recap collages, with each part running between 10 and 20 seconds. Here the one from November 2023.

These fragmentary collages fit well with their lyrics, which often feel like little snippets of gothic stories. From Quarry:

Somebody called the cops on Mandy and her boyfriend When they busted in they found that her house was a front for a mob thing Pulled guns and cocaine from the drywall wrapped in newspaper We gathered in the tall grass and watched unblinking as they cuffed ‘em and hauled ‘em away

Russell has been doing something similar for a long time, I think with 1SE. I love those too: there’s enough London in there that I get to peek into the city I left behind. Each day is one second, so they’re much snappier. The quicker cuts and a soundtrack almost make it a different format, but not quite.

These might work so well for me because I’ve spent a lot of time in London and a fair amount of time in Virginia recently (not a million miles away from Wednesday’s home state of North Carolina… OK, actually about 400 miles, but still next state over).

Being reductive, I guess these could both be seen as stitched-together Reels, but for whatever reason I absolutely cannot stand them in a Instagram context. Same with TikTok. If there’s another (less producty) name for these, I would love to know. They don’t need one, it’s just that I’d like to find more, because they’re so evocative. I would love a directory, in fact. Another one for the idea pile.