Underneath the Yellow Lights

Worked in Westbourne Studios for a bit, before moving to less cramped quarters.

The roof is all the more remarkable when the penny drops: this is not some late-flowering work by Le Corbusier, or even Erno Goldfinger, architect of nearby Trellick Tower, but the underside of the Westway. Celebrated in song by the Clash, the Westway is the elevated A40(M) that, since 1970, has sent heavy traffic snaking in and out of central London…. The [developers] are hoping to go one step further: they are seeking permission to create a roof garden for their tenants. The views from the top of Westbourne Studios are spectacular. Here, the London skyline, in all its messy glory, can be experienced in the round. Traffic scythes through the core of the building; main-line and tube trains make pincer movements around it. The sky is laced with jets whirring into Heathrow at two-minute intervals. A vision of hell for some, perhaps, but an urban rhapsody for young creatives responding to the capital’s around-the-clock buzz.

Still haven’t figured out why so many people took their dogs along, though.