superlifter Week 2

It’s always the same during a trip: so many bitty tasks build up. I have a project in my todo app called “Bits” where I put any… bits… that I think will take more than a couple of minutes and aren’t part of a larger project. The first part of this was making sure there are no bits. Some of them:

  • Travel arrangements so I can go to our AGM in December. You know you’re a proper business when you bother doing an AGM. My calendar has a “Festive Jumper Day” event on the same day, which I keep thinking means I need to wear a festive jumper to the AGM. Maybe I should do. Also, maybe I need to rethink my calendar colours.
  • ffconf was so much fun that we decided to go to more conferences. So, we’re going to Patterns Day next March, also in Brighton. One day, I will go to a conference that I can walk to.
  • Emails, so many emails. Yet not all of them. Sorry.

Other than bits, I’m trying really hard to pick up no more than three chunky things at a time. Chunks and bits. Right now, the three chunks are:

  1. Sorting IP
  2. New client proposals
  3. Content

I still probably can’t really talk about IP. Work in the open, unless you could feasibly shoot yourself in the foot by doing so. Same with new client proposals.

That leaves content. I’m trying to figure out how this should work for us as a business. We have a long list of ideas and outlines for articles we want to write, mostly derived from past work. We have a wonderful human involved (hi James), helping us build out a content strategy and make words good. But we’re trying to grapple with content whilst finalising business strategy. It would make more sense to sort the business strategy, then do the content strategy, but we can’t hang around. So we’re introspecting whilst driving. We’ll fix it in post.

We’re also trying to figure out how to do this in what looks like an expanding dark forest. There’s a post about this stuck in my head that I need to extract next week.


  • Book: Agencynomics. Taking a while. Every other page is causing me to introspect about how to run a business. Good, but hard work.
  • Article: AI Type Design Workshop. A meditation on how making is deeply connected with thinking, with an argument for doing the thing to learn properly and augmenting with AI later.
  • Soundtrack: Wednesday - Rat Saw God. I keep coming back to this.
  • Social: still rolling with Bluesky. I found a lot of my favourite authors on there, all having a big old author party. Now I want a way of differentiating between chatty-chat posts and announcement posts from the same account, because too much chatty-chat. Please.