superlifter Week 16

Last week was midterm break. We went to London and did family things: trips to museums, eating out, ambling around. I avoided doing any work meetings, which made for a nice change. I used to mix work and business on trips much more as a solo operator, but now it doesn’t feel quite right. I still had plenty of unavoidable admin to squeeze in during early mornings and late nights, anyway.

The goal I set during week 14 was to catch up on writing-related tasks: reviewing reports and draft articles and catching up on some of my own writing. I did the first part and made progress on the second, but fell into my eternal trap of trying to write too many things at the same time, flipping between them and not finishing any. So, a carry forward. I also need to plan my next trip to London, for Patterns Day.

In the background:

  • Continuing efforts to find a new lawyer. We have a meeting with a new law firm today.
  • Second set of trade mark applications. Making progress, but with quite a few speed bumps.
  • Chasing down erroneous late payments on our business credit report. We can tell they’re erroneous because they’re for utilities and we don’t have an office. This stuff takes an amazing amount of time to deal with: what a waste.