superlifter Week 14

Last week, I decided to just go for one goal and compile and structure my notes from a proposal. There was more than I thought to this because research is hard to bound, but I got to a good stopping point. Then I did lots of other things. So based on a sample size of one, the “a thing a week” is achievable and probably better for mental health.

I also managed to avoid falling down a rabbit hole of looking at tools like Roam Research and Obsidian. As fun as they look, putting everything in our org Notion instance was always going to be quicker.

I’m travelling on Friday and away for about a week, so need to be even less ambitious this week. My plan is to catch up on hanging writing-related tasks: reviewing reports and articles written by others, and getting some of my own increasingly-urgent writing done.

In the background:

  • Second set of trade mark applications (this time it’s global).
  • Continuing efforts to find a new lawyer.