Steel Factory Mayhem

Pulp, Warp and Eat Your Own Ears have got together to put on Auto, a huge party in Magna near Sheffield on 14th December:

“Steve Mackey (Pulp) says, ‘Auto will offer something less hierarchical, and, in the process, reintroduce an element of unpredictability and surprise to proceedings.‘”

The full line up is as follows: Pulp, Röyksopp, Lemon Jelly, LFO DJ, Four Tet, The Bees, Baxter Dury, James Yorkston, The Kills, Zongamin, Jamie Lidell, Chris Coco, Piano Magic, Trevor Jackson, Eat Your Own Ears, Capitol K & Leafcutter John, Optimo, Annie & Timo, Bjorn Torske, SchneiderTM, I-Monster, Erland Oye, Asleep At The Wheel, Tony Morley, John Peel, Warp DJs, Quixote visuals and Warp Films.