My Fond Ambition

Lyrics from Sushi K’s rap.

I’m Sushi K and I’m here to say
I like to rap in a different way

Look out Number One in every city
Sushi K rap has all most pretty

My special talking of remarkable words
Is not the sterotyped bucktooth nerd

My hair is big as a galaxy
Cause I attain greater technology

I like to rap about sweetened romance
My fond ambition is of your pants

So here is of special remarkable way
Of this fellow raps named Sushi K

The Nipponese talking phenomenon
Like samurai sword his sharpened tongue

Who raps the East Asia and the Pacific
Prosperity Sphere, to be specific

Sarariman on subway listen
For Sushi K like nuclear fission

Fire breathing lizard Gojiro
He my always big-time hero

His mutant rap burn down whole block
Start investing now Sushi K stock

It on Nikkei stock exchange
Waxes; other rappers wane

Best investment, make my day
Corporation Sushi K

Coming to America now
Rappers trying to start a row

Say “Stay in Japan, please, listen!
We can’t handle competition!”

U.S. rappers booin’ and hissin’
Ask for rap protectionism

They afraid of Sushi K
Cause their audience go away

He got chill financial backin’
Give those U.S. rappers a smackin’

Sushi K concert machine
Fast efficient super clean

Run like clockwork in a watch
Kick old rappers in the crotch

He learn English total immersion
English/Japanese be mergin’

Into super combination
So can have fans in every nation

Hong Kong they speak English too
Yearn of rappers just like you

Anglophones who live down under
Sooner later start to wonder

When they get their own rap star
Tired of rappers from afar

So I will get big radio traffic
When you look at demographic

Sushi K research statistic
Make big future look ballistic

Speed of Sushi K growth stock
Put U.S. rappers into shock

Taken from Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash.