Right, blogging again. This time it’s vaguely technical.

Towards the end of 2011 I decided to spend more time learning about all the exciting new things floating about and attempt some serious improvements to my development workflow. I also thought that I might as well attempt to document everything as I do so.

So, this is my second attempt at the documentation bit.

On my first I got as far as setting up and deploying Octopress before realising that it depends on a stack that I have no intention of getting serious with and also solves a couple of problems (ownership of content and the performance-enhancing use of flat files) that I don’t really have.

I spent a while considering It looks lovely but - while I’m not that bothered about my content - it’s a little too free for me right now. Start charging!

So, Tumblr it is. Their terms could change for the worse or they could be acquired and shut everything down. I think that’s a marginal risk, though. I’m willing to accept it in return for greater convenience and a light dusting of social.

Off we go, then.