From Ghost to Hexo

I’ve moved this blog from Ghost to Hexo.

Why? I liked Ghost’s interface and it’s very straightforward compared with WordPress, but it has too many moving parts. I like editing posts with a real editor, or directly on GitHub for speed. Being able to hook everything up to a CI service and use pull requests makes life easier. So it’s static site generators all the way for me.

Jekyll is easily the most popular SSG (powering GitHub pages will do that) and it’s a fine tool, but managing Ruby is a pain. The same goes for Middleman: too Ruby. Hugo looks like it could be fun, but I’m not quite ready to leap into Go.

So, Hexo. It’s built with JavaScript and uses EJS and Swig for templating, so I can keep using the tooling I’ve been working on over the past couple of years. Getting started was fairly straightforward.

I still have plenty of things I’d like to do (CI! Linting Markdown! Using PostCSS!) but I’m please that getting from zero to minimum viable blog was this straightforward.