Donationware June 2012

The end of scoping and planning is nigh. Good-oh. We’ll be setting up tools over the next few weeks so I should be in a position to donate to project-specific tools soon. For now, I’m cleaning up in the general by donating to a variety of much-loved Firefox extensions.


Linky makes it very easy to open lots of links very quickly. Dead useful for a range of situations.


Quickly enable/disable Java, JavaScript, Flash, Silverlight, CSS, images and animated images from the status bar. The excellent Web Developer handles most of these but having access from the add-on bar makes access much easier.


Another one of those “so critical I forget it’s not part of the browser” tools (even more so now major browsers generally have their own, similar inspectors).

HTML Validator

Very handy for quick per-page validation checks. The status icon in the add-on bar works well as a prompt. One niggle: the version on the Mozilla Add-ons site is always out of date. Install directly from the developer’s site instead.