I had hoped to avoid blog-related busywork until I’d been posting for a few months but a few minor things were annoying me, so I thought them worth fixing.

The langer.tumblr theme I’m using only seems to create permalinks when Disqus comments are enabled. Weird. I may have accidentally broken it, I suppose. Anyway, fixed that.


I only realised that Tumblr supported Markdown for post creation when I stumbled over it during a settings trawl. Useful; now I can use Sublime Text to compose posts and avoid the slightly annoying Tumblr interface when possible.

Syntax highlighting

I know I’ll need this soon. I had planned to use Gists in the short-term but after some light research, I thought that highlight.js would be worth plumbing in.

10 PRINT "Hello, world"
20 GOTO 10