Busy for a while. In the meantime, a new low in lazy weblogging: all the links I’ve never slept with (or, um, weblogged).

Or, “I hoped this extended entry gubbins would come in handy at some point”.

The sound of a wasted youth.

National Theatre Summertime events 2002.

Blogamp and DoSomething Winamp Plugin.

The Count’s Counting Song.

Random Duckman Quotes and the Duckman FAQ.

Cornfed: You’re aware that while it affords one the momentary illusion of satisfaction, the spewing of bile is never a permanent solution.

Ajax: Hi dod, what ya doing?
Duckman (lighting a cigarette): Throwing my life away on an overpriced marketing phenomena that will leave me bedridden, tumorous and politically incorrect.
Ajax: Oh… I wish I had a hobby.

Plaid interview:

“In the States, we’ve had more interest in the last year or so,” he continues. “Not so much that it’s mainstream. We’re not trying to make that happen. If one of our tracks got played in the background of Sex and the City or something like that, it’s more likely that it could get wider recognition. That seems to be the only way electronic music gets wider recognition, if it’s stuck on a coffee advert or something. That’s not something we really like to do.”

This website was manufactured in a factory where nuts are handled.

Record Labels on the web.

Therapy? sample sources.

Greenwood’s map of London.

While You Were Sleeping magazine.

I keep ending up at Obey Giant.

Cowboy Bebop things:

Bob Hoskins Long Good Friday interview (and East London filming locations):

“As Michael Caine says: ‘There’s been three gangster films come out of this country: good’uns. I made one, Hoskins made the other and we both made the third.’ What was extraordinary about it at that time, was that we were just on the verge of Thatcherism. It was bang up to date. It hail the nail so firmly on the head, of where the Eighties were gonna go.”

“baby gap” max monkey: Did you mean: “baby gap” marx monkey?

Torrez’ Nutshell toolbar.

The Third Man and Billy Liar on DVD.

Bimma Keez!

o9’s Tacklebox EP is (apparently) “a bold sonic statement inspired by the mysterious creatures and murky swamps of the Florida Everglades. This square-wave saturated bombshell was created using only an antiquated Amiga 500 and a rusty mixer.” ‘Mocassins Kissing’ would certainly bear this out.


Uptight at The Tatty Bogle Club - good for late drinks and requesting records by The Fall.

Singing Science Records.

IKU The Movie.

Make a paper pelvis.

Jam:London-Tokyo (via I Love Everything).

Went to Late at the Tate, which featured music from members of Fridge, Icarus, Gorodisch, Polly Paulusma & Rotozaza. Good fun, even though more than one group of artourists thought the band might be an exhibit.

Fat Truckers: Anorexic Robot.

Mouse on Mars tour photos (one of the snaps shows detail of how Jan was head-butted by Iggy Pop). says Thanks for the ping, however we can only accept one ping every five minutes. It’s cool that you’re updating so often, however, if I may be so bold as to offer some advice — take a break, you’ll enjoy life more.

Tim O’Reilly: The Web’s Weaver Looks Forward (via interconnected) and Tim O’Reilly: Inventing the Future.

XPlay (iPod with Windows) and iPod Breakout.

An SSH alternative to FTP clients (Secure iXplorer).

IXI Software (a network of experimentalists in the field of computer music and computer music software - via Metafilter).

Luncha Cinema Archive (Mexican wrestling).

Anime Music Videos.

Things to do: Shiatsu, Capoeira, Action for Charity and Red Letter Days.

The Amiga Demoscene Archive.

Designtechnia: your gateway to a hi-tech lifestyle!

Art of the Mix.

UK Telephone Code Locator.

Bank And Public Holidays In England, Wales And Northern Ireland: 2002-2005.

Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Infocom Adventure.


Buy absinthe online.

Neal Stephenson stories online.

William Gibson, Modern boys and mobile girls:

“Japanese culture is ‘coded’, in some wonderfully peculiar way that finds its nearest equivalent, I think, in English culture. And that is why the Japanese are subject to various kinds of Anglophilia, and vice versa. It accounts for the totemic significance, to the Japanese, of Burberry plaid, and for the number of Paul Smith outlets in Japan, and for much else besides. Both nations display a sort of fractal coherence of sign and symbol, all the way down into the weave of history. And Tokyo is very nearly, in its own way, as ‘echoic’ (to borrow Peter Ackroyd’s term) a city as London.”

Guy Browning’s Office Politics and Sue Limb’s Dulcie Domum.

Megatokyo (online comic).

Planetarion II: I wish I could find the time needed to play this properly.

Masamune Shirow (Ghost in the Shell) on Black Magic M-66:

“Since this is a bioroid-level civilization (whatever that means!), let’s suppose that biotechnology permits production of robots that otherwise would be prohibitively expensive and impossibly difficult to repair or fine-tune if made of purely mechanical parts. Since the goal is not an exact copy of a human (bioroids are for military purposes, after all), photoelectronics and limited bio-brain applications provide optimum movement and spatial perception. The result is a “killer robot.” But since this robot is no more that a byproduct of the human race, and is not recognized as an independent species, Asimov’s “Three Laws of Robotics” do not apply.”

The University of Tennessee Medical Center Anthropology Research Facility, popularly known as the ”body farm“.

Alien III screenplay by William Gibson.

Online Comic Artist Directory.

Babel Guides to World Literature (waiting for the Japanese guide).

Back in August, unless something terribly exciting happens before then.