2010 Music

Here’s some music I enjoyed in 2010, with links to download or listen on Spotify as appropriate.

Moon Wiring Club – The ASDA Mix

I came across this towards the end of 2010 and so haven’t had a chance to dig into Moon Wiring Club’s own releases. Now isn’t the time to delve into the Hauntology debate; this mix is essentially a well put together nostalgia trip, compiled from found sounds, odd bits of dialogue and TV and radio theme tunes. Suitable for anyone who was alive and aware in the UK during the 70′s and 80′s.

Downloaded ‘The ASDA Mix’ from The Wire.

Highpoint Lowlife

2010 saw the closure of the excellent Highpoint Lowlife label. My favourite releases from the closing moments are the pastoral garage (sorry) of Kirkwood Gaps and What Makes You So Special from Roof Light and the bizarre, compelling industrial electronica of Stern-Gerlachs Försök and accompanying Stern-Gerlachs versioner remix EP from Erik XVI. I’m hoping both artists will release more this year (Roof Light at least seems to be fairly prolific).

HPLL label manager Thor is now working on a graphic novel, Physic or Surgeon (notes on this from Matt Sheret) and many of the other artists associated with HPLL have pitched up at the newly-founded Broken20 label, run by Ruaridh Law (aka TVO/The Village Orchestra). Both should be worth keeping an eye on throughout 2011.

Kwes – Dollars to Pounds Mix

I can’t remember how I stumbled over this but I do love it so; it’s one of those mixes that’s all over the place in terms of genre but hangs together well. It kicks off with Jamie Lidell and These New Puritans, goes into congotronics from Konono No.1, runs through Paul McCartney and Randy Newman and ends up with Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti and Joanna Newsom. I listen to it while baking cakes.

Download ‘Dollars to Pounds Mix’ from The Fader.

The Chap – Well Done Europe

‘Well Done Europe’ was the album I listened to most during the year. I’m a sucker for anything from The Chap.

Listen to Well Done Europe on Spotify.

LJ Kruzer – Electronic Picks / Vs.

This is my friends and family entry. These two mixes by LJ Kruzer were released early on in 2010, yet I still find myself listening to them every other week or so. I think they were a bit overlooked; a shame as mixes do tend to fall away from view fairly quickly. Both are well worth downloading.