New Colour: Coldcut’s Journeys By DJ - 70 Minutes of Madness

One thing that stands up, pretty much whoever you speak to, is the identity of the greatest DJ mix album of all time – that accolade goes to Coldcut’s incredible 70 Minutes Of Madness, their offering for the Journeys By DJ mix series, released in 1995. The wildly inventive mix, which incorporated hip hop, techno, funk and drum & bass (along with the Doctor Who theme tune and a host of crazed spoken word samples), redefined what a DJ mix should be, perfectly capturing the cut & paste ethic of the mid-90s in the process, while arguably inventing what became the pop mash-up.

Lengthy retrospective/interview from 2015 with Jon More, Matt Black, Kev Foakes (aka DJ Food), and Patrick Carpenter aka PC on Coldcut’s 70 Minutes Of Madness mix.