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Once more unto the pitch

Enter Rooney

CROWD: Boooo!

ROONEY: Who are they that boo so? Our England fans? No, my fair supporters. If we are mark’d to lose, we hurt enough To give our country loss; but if to win, After this shabby goalless draw – God’s will! The greater share of honour ever after. Our next match is call’d the feast of Capello. He that cheers that day, and watches us go through, Will rouse him at the name of Capello. Then will he yearly on the vigil buy a round, Don replica strip and play his vuvuzela, And say: “Thus did I blow when we beat Slovenia 5-0.” And gentlemen on couches now in England, Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here, And swig from lagers cheap whiles any speaks, That cheered with us upon Capello’s Day.

Once more unto the pitch

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Paul Love

Written by Paul Love who lives and works in Edinburgh building useful things.