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Five Dials

Five Dials

“…is the product of a few editors and writers who would like to push a small enterprise into the inboxes of anyone interested in good writing. It comes from Hamish Hamilton, an imprint of Penguin books, and though HH publishes writers like Dave Eggers, Zadie Smith, John Updike and Jonathan Safran Foer, the magazine will not only feature the work of HH- ers, nor will it feature only Penguins, nor will it feature only published writers. The magazine will come out monthly. It will be distributed as a free PDF and if you’re interested in reading it on the bus or during the intermission of the musical Chicago or anywhere else, you can print it up on any printer.”

Featuring Iain Sinclair, Alain de Botton, Rachel Lichtenstein and Gustave Flaubert and designed by Dean Allen.

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Paul Love

Written by Paul Love who lives and works in Edinburgh building useful things.